Gui yaml config where to start


i’m using HA for a few weeks now.

I must say, it’s is still confusing, the docs mention yaml files but the gui tends to let you do stuff through the browser.

Is there some basics for using the files? Different files for different meanings.

Right now i’m looking for a “switch moment” on the sun which turns the lights of at 23:00.

It is just not clear if i can do that through gui or should start using the yaml files/code-editor.



There are some integrations that can be configured over the GUI, some over yaml files and for some both is possible. The docs for each integration tell you how the integration can be configured and in case it is a yaml file it will also show what you can configure. What you want to do currently, should be possible with the Automation Editor.

You are absolutely right about the GUI request that i made.


You don’t need to apologize. Home Assistant is quite a huge and sometimes complicated project. And all the options, features, configurations can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. The fact that some integrations can be configured through UI and some not makes it even more confusing. Keep reading the docs :slight_smile: