Guidance - AppleTV / AirPlay - Music System

Hi everyone,

I have been reading many of your posts behind the scenes for the last week starting my own HA project on a rpi3 and enjoying every second of it. New to Python so please bare with me ;). Managed to get a basic setup going with a couple of RF outlets, ATV4, iCloud & nMap for presence detection, YR weather panel, GFTS for public transport and Homebridg for Siri interactions.

One addition to my day-to-day life that I have been looking for long, and that is one of the main reasons why I ended up here - is to have music play automatically when I arrive home and also in the morning.

My idea is to have it play through AirPlay to either my ATV4 or my AirPort Express which is hooked up to my external sound card. The inputs is limited so will have to be this way right now.

I’ve looked at two solutions but as said, I’m new to this and not sure which way to go.

  • Mopidy+Shareport or Snapcast
  • max2play

Do any of you have experiencing implementing these two with HA? Any other alternatives worth looking at?

I also noticed that pyatv support play_url command. This could be useful taking advantage of this, pushing a .mp3 stream with a switch.

As said, novice to this so would be grateful for any help. Looking forward of joining this community and hopefully contributing in the future.