Guidance for 2-wire DC fan control

Is that driver giving out full 12V with 12V input??

12.4 in, 12 out at peak. I’d expect that as the board supports 99% pwm and for some losses through the board itself. Overall very happy with it though.

Usually these drivers have voltage drop 2-3x yours…

Oh right, why would they see such big losses? The manual potentiometer dial ones don’t see those sorts of losses either. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more than half a volt, even when using some cheapo 3amp board I was messing with for proof of concept.

Drive them harder… With L298 3-4V is not uncommon

What do you mean by drive then harder? Are you suggesting I am or should run them harder? I have a couple of L298’s too. What was the reference there?

No, I just forgot you were driving very low power with yours