Guide: How to learn Broadlink RF/IR codes

Hi, I just want to share my experience with Broadlink RM2 Pro Plus 3. I had a lot of problems with learning some of RF codes with HA integrated learning module and the official Broadlink app e-Control. In my case just this approach have solved all the problems. So, this is it:

  1. Use Broadlink “IHC” app for learning all types of codes.
  2. Backup your phone (in my case is iPhone) to your PC or MAC.
  3. Open your backup in some of the backup viewers’ ( I use iBackup Viewer - Trial works fine, but you have to make an unencrypted backup) and find this line: (In my case is “europe”). And then find econtrol.db file and export this file to somewhere to your drive.
  4. Open the file at any DB files viewer. (I use SQlite-viewer). Then in drop down menu select “buttonCodeTable” and now you can see all of your codes.
  5. Open some of Hex to Base64 online converters (I use this one: HEX Converter. And convert each code from HEX to Base64. And that is all. Now you can use these codes in your configuration in HA.


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