Guide to Impliment Webhooks into your office routine

Webhooks for Desktop PC’s

To create clickable shortcuts on a Desktop PC to trigger Webhooks, right click in folder or space you want to show the Webhook, create a shortcut. you will then be presented with a pop up with a box stating “Type the Location of the item” here you want to add the line

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k start /b curl -d -X https://your-home-assistant:8123/api/webhook/some_hook_id & exit

Then Click next, you will be asked What would you like to name the shortcut, in the box “Type a name for this shortcut” (example officelights.exe if it controls office lights/Preheat Car.exe. The idea behind this is so that you can use shortcuts on your computer to run quick actions you would normally open your browser to go to.

These shortcuts can also be used for creating batch files to autorun on the PC, so for example, lets say I created the officelights.exe from above, I could but this in a folder on A drive on the Desktop PC, lets say for example you create a folder in C called Webhooks. Create a shortcut to the officelights.exe you just created, Place this in the folder you created on C so C:/Webhooks

Then Create a text file, in the text file copy

start /MIN C:\Webhooks\officelights as a example or start /MIN C:\Webhooks\name_of_your_shortcut_you_placed_in_folder exit

Then goto file, Save as, in the save as type box (lower one) select all files, then under file name pu (example officelights.bat if it controls office lights or Preheatcar.bat, these are just examples. You now have a executable batch file that can be run on start up and shut down of pc. (warning if you delete the shortcut or the original exe created you will break the batch file)

if you dont know how to impliment batch files to start up you can create a shortcut to exe from first option and have it run on startup, what use can this be, quite a bit iff you have a office like me, printer, desk and monitor lights, monitors, HDD dock, scanner, graphics tablet and touch screen on desk are off line via smart plugs, when I walk into the room, the main light turns on, I power up my PC and and once start up has completed my ceiling light dims and the rest turn on.

Some could say that I could have it all do that when I nip into the room, but then the logic against this is I am not always walking in my office to turn on the pc.