[Guide] Using raspberry-pi to control my ceiling fan (433mhz cc1101 transceiver and some code)

Hey everyone!

First post :slight_smile: I’ve been using HA for the past few years to control and automate many things in my apartment (lights, shades, heating, energy usage… etc’) so I wanted to share something back to the awesome community.

Recently we’ve purchases and installed two ceiling fans and I wanted to control them using HA. Communication is done using a basic RF (433Mhz) remote so I’ve used URH to sniff the protocol and exposed a very basic API to control the fans (transmitted RF using cc1101 transceiver wired to RPi) - this basically does the same thing as any other RF gateway, I just liked the tinkering (using the same machine to control my 433Mhz controlled Somfy shutters)

Everything is wrapped up into a fan template (many thanks to this post [Guide]Template Fan and Broadlink)

The project is hosted on Github GitHub - ngutman/star-fan-control: Control Star ceiling-fan using Raspberry Pi and CC1101 Transceiver

Cheers and I hope people will find it useful.