GW4 - Detect asleep


Today’s new update for the galaxy watch 4 has a bullet point saying you can now trigger smart things automations when the watch detects you falling asleep.

Android’s asleep detection is pretty terrible and thats what the companion app seems to be sending to HA, but the GW4 is very good at it. I wish there was a way to get the watch to expose that sensor directly through the wear os companion app but I don’t believe there is currently.

I wonder if there’s now a way, through smart things, to trigger HA automations when the watch detects sleeping.
I’ve never used smart things but does anyone have an idea on how that could be setup with HA, is there a way to get access to that asleep sensor without requiring their hub ?



Is there 1 for the 5?

Wear OS 3 devices have user activity state sensor which does have asleep state. Same data used by samsung and other manufacturers as health services is a requirement on all Wear OS3 devices.

Samsung health detects sleep bang on, pretty much every time.

Anything else I tried does not, even dedicated applications like sleep as android using the watch are pretty far off, or at least were when I tried it before posting here last year.
Comparing the sleep time in samsung health vs anything else always shows a big difference in my tests.

Now if you don’t mind being off by 15 or 20 minutes then those work great, but if your goal is to pause your audio book, you’ll have missed quite a big chunk of it by the time it happens unfortunately.