H7135 API Support

Hi - I am new to Govee and received an H7135 heater. I began looking into the automation aspects of this and learned there’s an API for device control. I requested / received access to the API and can successfully authenticate and hit various endpoints. However, my heater/device is not being returned in any requests. (note that I do also have the iOS app / Govee account to which my device has been registered)

Below are screenshots of sample requests to the “devices” endpoint by mac address / model, and also without any query parameters. In both cases nothing is returned. The devices/control endpoint yields similar results, however, this one explicitly states the model/device isn’t found.

The heater itself is functioning as expected (and is also registered to my account, and can be controlled by the iOS app). And again I did request/receive an API key. Wondering if anyone had thoughts on why the API isn’t working as expected and perhaps Govee’s API just doesn’t support its newer models?

Same heater, I don’t think it has “LAN Control” it would be in the device settings. As a workaround I only need it to turn on and off so I use Alex Media Player integeration then if you look at the wiki https://github.com/alandtse/alexa_media_player/wiki#run-custom-command