HA 0.104.3 automation GUI goes banans

After updating HA to 0.104.3 i experience that the automation GUI goes completely bananas if you try to use the Name(s) of Entities to turn on pull down list, when the number of items in the list result in a vertical scroll bar. Scrolling down beyond the end of the list fails, and the scroll bar stars to jump around by itself like crazy. Entities outside the first (upper) part of the list cannot be picked. You have to type the entity name manually.
Also, there does not seem to be possible to pick more than a single entity, even though the field name suggests that multiple entities should be possible to add (Name(s) of Entities to turn on). Attempts to add another name deletes the first name already entered. Not even trying to type a list of names, work. At least not with any delimiter I’ve tried (comma, semicolon, with space, without space, etc. etc.). As soon as you type the second entity name, the first one entered is deleted.

You can manually enter multiple entities in this this field by separating them with a comma;


You will need to select another field after you’ve finished making changes before the UI will pick up that the field has changed and offer the save button.

I agree that it would be great if you could select multiple entities from the list - perhaps this is possible already and we just don’t know how?

I wasn’t able to replicate your first issue with the scroll bar.

What browser do you use ? I don’t see that behavior on firefox 72.0.2.

After updating to 0.105.1 it is again correct :innocent: