Ha 110 no longer supports custom-ui?

read this disturbing issue at custom-ui https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui/issues/184 that HA 110 drops custom-ui option for icon_color…

anyone here on 110, using custom-ui can confirm that?

this would be a major showstopper/breaking change…
@DavidFW1960 , do you see this too? (sorry for the tag, but you’re the only person I am positive about is using ha 110 dev?)

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From what I understand, Icon’s are changing in v110. It would be best to write up an issue against custom cards that may be impacted by this. I would assume that all custom cards that use icons will be impacted.

that would be a true disaster, since the custom-ui repo is no longer maintained… So unless anyone can find @andrey and ask him to update that, this is goodbye to custom-ui??
@Bram_Kragten please don’t let this be true?
If yes, please let there be some kind of transition possible, or import option for the custom-ui icon and icon_color templates.
Preferably of course a native template option for these in Lovelace…

Please don’t tag people like that.

Is this useful @Mariusthvdb?

I’ve seen that command thrown around by other moderators (who coincidentally are also devs) at other times too.

Is that a rule that is written in to any “community rules” post?

Does it only apply to devs? Does it only apply to official devs? I’ve never seen the command leveled at people who are tagging non-devs…ever. So I can only assume that there are two (multiple?) tiers in this “community”?

If you disregard the rule/demand/suggestion does that warrant a permanent ban? I’ve seen someone get threatened with that just recently after just tagging baloob once in a thread (I think that’s who they tagged and it wasn’t him who threatened the poster). And for that one transgression the thread was immediately closed and the person wasn’t even allowed to get his question answered by somebody else. I thought it was quite heavy-handed at the time.

I know people tag me personally quite a bit as they do you too.

I find the suggestion that if you tag someone directly that you are somehow “demanding that they owe you an answer” disingenuous. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that my answer was demanded by being tagged. But then again I don’t feel that I’m better than other forum members either. So there’s that.

Maybe they are just trying to get the attention of the person they think has the best information to help them. If the tagged person doesn’t want to answer then they have the ability to ignore them just the same as you or I.

I always found that admonishment more akin to “how dare you peasants deign to bother the nobility. Don’t speak to me unless I speak to you first.”?

Or maybe it’s just really poor communication? :wink:


It’s a “hey don’t be rude” guideline. As you would expect, it happens to devs a lot. You’d be surprised at how often. But the actual guideline is ‘don’t do it to anyone’.

:one::six: Should I tag people?

Generally, no.

It comes across as bad manners, you’re demanding somebody answers you. It’s different if you’re thanking somebody, obviously.

If you do tag somebody keep it polite and respectful. Remember that everybody is a volunteer, and nobody has to help you.

Similarly, please don’t PM (private message) people asking for help. It also comes across as demanding, and means that others can’t learn from what you do.

If it happens enough (same person, over and over again) it generally will end with a formal warning or escalated action.

It really depends on the situation. Requesting direct help or complaining about changes increases your chances of an informal warning.

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well, sorry @petro, but you know (me) better than that. I was hardly being rude. I even said sorry in advance…

I find that rule somewhat overly sensitive. In normal adult communication, there’s no need for anything like that.

Second to that, I had just been in another conversation with Bram about icons, and I am sure this is not being taken wrongly by him. The quest for Andy is a long standing one, and I merely mentioned him, because nowadays people using custom-ui don’t even seem to know he was the one creating that essential bit of software.

I do think the unfortunate demise of custom-ui is an enormous let down for all people using it, and breaking that, without a mere warning here in the Community is really lacking in communication. Hence my disbelieve, (if not fear).

Customizing Lovelace today simply doesn’t come close to the ease of custom-ui. It should really be embraced somehow.

It might! maybe we can edit the custom-ui files to change

the paper-icon-button that is used in this element will no longer show the correct icon. You can use ha-icon-button that uses mwc-icon-button underneath as a replacement.

I am not sure it will be that easy though…
about that, Ive taken out all unnecessary files of the custom_ui folder (the html files weren’t used since deprecation of extra_html_url), only to leave:

so, if anything, we know we have to change the scripts-es5.js.map file, and there’s only 2 mentions of paper-icon-button


horror… this doesnt work ;-(.

Of course I didn’t expect it to, but the realization this is really truly broken, and cant be simply fixed by editing the file, is the biggest disappointment I could have imagined…The pale and bleak appearance of an un-customized core HA interface is simply heart breaking…
and apparently the html file is needed after all:

yes, that brought life back… pff (for now)

In fact, it seems that the state-card-custom-ui.html file is the one file needed. I see all my customizations with only that file in place. Safari, Chrome and iPhone (app):

maybe there’s still hope

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I don’t know anything about customUI. My weather card and icons are ok in 0.110.0b0
All my button-cards are broken though. Romrider is looking into that. In fact 0.110 broke more stuff than I’d seen for a while for me.

The whole tagging thing on here is utterly bizarre. No idea if it is a language/culture thing, but on every forum/community/email/Team/Twitter and goodness knows where else such a feature exists that I have used it, its only ever been used to notify the person that something may be of interest, be it a question, a thank you or something else. Tagging someone is in no way a demand for a response, I can not fathom where that concept comes from. Of course if someone wants a response, doesn’t get one and then tags the same person again, that is entirely different.

But hey ho, I really don’t understand a lot of whats going on with Home Assistant these days :frowning:


yes, apparently any custom card doing things with icons will be affected. Hope the current cards will be fixed shortly.

This is also why as soon as any component/card is no longer supported I immediately look for an alternative or change my setup so I don’t use it anymore.

Depends. As I said my custom weather card icons are working fine.

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well, there isn’t an alternative (yet)

that might be the only possibility, but I wouldn’t know how to use my sensor customizations using eg an auto-entities card. right now all icon and colorizations are set through custom-ui, and auto-entities only has to list them…

That is weird my button card works fine on 0.110 however the padding of icons did change somehow. Managed to fix that by styling.

The thing that really bugs me now is that I use fontawesome icons but I do not use the component. I use it by passing some extra html files. They no longer seem to work with 0.110 which is a bummer.

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The development team continues to make changes to the frontend and I doubt compatibility with Custom-UI is one of their considerations. That’s why I chose to stop using it.

When I created my new production server I purposefully did not install Custom-UI. I redesigned my UI (I no longer use YAML mode) and chose to live without Custom-UI’s features rather than struggle maintaining compatibility and functionality.

To be clear, I did not find adequate substitutes for the Custom-UI features I had used, I simply chose to do without them.


I know it sucks if you rely on custom-ui, but it’s been deprecated and hasn’t been maintained in ages. So the writing was on the wall for that one unfortunately. I’m kind of surprised it managed to last this long.

Everything that uses icons has to be updated for the new approach in 0.110, so most authors of custom cards and such will have to provide updates.


right, there are none so far.
Yes, we can use state_color per entity, or even card now. But that gives us only two fixed colors on a single icon, and is a long way from a more refined interface, I would hope a mature Homeassistant should evolve to.

Or, is right now, using custom-ui.

Out of curiosity, how is this communicated to the authors of custom cards and how much lead time do they receive prior to the release date?

thanks for you understanding :wink:
don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not depend on it, and I truly don’t understand why the core team doesnt at least show an interest of creating a modern custom-ui in core HA.
Knowing this has been around for ages, and, as you say, has been working up to now, it shouldn’t be that hard?