HA 12.3 not booting on RPI4

Hi all,

I’m trying to install HA Os 12.3 on my RPI 4 using the Rasperyy OS Imager as described in the tutorials.
After connecting to power only the red light keeps burning on the PI (usually a yellow light comes on as well). Connecting a screen shows no output and no connection is made to the ethernet.

I already tried flashing the sd card again with another os and that works fine so I think the hardware is not the issue here.

Anybody have an idea what I’m doing wrong?

Greetings from Belgium!

I’m assuming you are following the official installation instructions

Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant.

If so, it should boot but here are some other steps you can try

How to Troubleshoot Raspberry Pi Crashing.

I did indeed follow the official tutorials. I tried using the rasperry pi imager and flashing with balena etcher. I also tried an older version (12.0) without success.

Also I just bought a brand new SD to try out. Also no success. I don’t even get a boot screen or anything. It looks like nothing is happening at all.

The powersupply is an official RPI one that came with it. Again, it works with other OS.

What am I missing? :smiley:

Double check if you used the image for a Pi4. There are separate images for each Pi model.

Oh wow, I feel so stupid right now. I have two PI’s here and I was always convinced that they were both model 4. But apperantly not. Thanks for the input! Awesome community!!