HA 2021.12.0 and .1 update - HUE woes

Since the 2021.12 update home assistant hue integration seems to be failing every day, requiring a HA restart daily,

I notice this when the HA interface doesn’t react properly to a hue light switch on/off.

i.e. let’s imagine I have a light that is currently off, if I switch it on using the interface, the light will switch on, but immediately the interface switch turns off, but the light is left on. And I can’t now turn the light off, apart from through the hue app. Actually I just found out that a double fast switch to on in the interface, does switch the light off.

Also of note are my hue lights outside. These are motion triggered, Initially they come on at sunset in a dimmed state, and switch off at sunrise. During sunrise-sunset, if a motion is detected they go to full brightness for 5 minutes after the motion is cleared. The automation is working fine but the HA interface still thinks they are at full brightness after the last motion trigger, even though they have long since dimmed.

It just appears that the new v2 HUE api isn’t reading the states correctly.

I’ve not had issues before with the previous releases of HA. And I can’t see anything obvious in the logs. As mentioned to get to a normal state of play I’m having to restart daily,


check github for known issues then wait for upcoming planned fixes. you also can reload the hue integration instead of restarting all of HA.

Thanks, do you have the correct github integration URL?

you can find all open issues for hue using the label in the HA core repo

I encountered very similar issues after the 2021.12 update.
The colors on the lovelace icons won’t change when I change the colors of the bulbs. And also I can’t turn the lights off from HA.

I’m having the same problems, even after 2021.12.2…

Seems like it can still control things, but the states aren’t being updated in HA.

So triggering things based on motion doesn’t always work.

Rebooting HA seems to fix it… sometimes…

For me, the Hue integration went from being rock solid to completely unreliable.


Should be fixed in 2021.12.3


That’s great. Any idea when 2021.12.3 will be available? If it takes too long I should step back to a previous version.

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Same here, my installation upgraded from 2021.11.5 to 2021.12.2 last night and my hue bulbs are all reporting the wrong state when switched off (light goes off but switch in HA moves straight back to on). Seems to be worse for anything in a Light Group. Totally knackered my motion automations too. When is 2021.12.3 being released?


Bug fixes release once ready, in this case 2 hours ago.

Just updated to 2021.12.3, the Hue integration seems to be working perfectly.
Thanks @marcelveldt !

The same here, the update seems to resolve the issues!

Sadly, after a few hours, I encountered the problem of Hue light states not updating correctly.
The .3 update seems to have improved the issue but not resolved it.

Be sure to report your findings in the GitHub Core repository. Include as much information as you have available to help the developer understand why the problem persists.

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Yep, I opened a new issue on github: Philips Hue lights states still not correctly updating on 2021.12.3 · Issue #62252 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I also have a problem with Hue since I installed the latest Core and Supervisor.

I can understand that there is a need for regular upgrades from the supervisor/Core. But why does Home Assistant automatically upgrade Integrations such as Hue?
For an add-on, Home Assistant gives the choice to do an update yes/no. Why doesn’t HA also give the choice to do the Yes/No update for integrations like Hue?

I have a limited number of Hue lamps. And everything has been working fine for at least a year or two. I didn’t need an upgrade for Hue at all. Now suddenly everything doesn’t work anymore.

So downgrade Home Assistant to version 2021.11.X.

If you don’t want to downgrade, participate in helping to resolve the problems with the new Hue integration (by reporting problems in the Core repository on GitHub.

If you don’t want to downgrade or help fix the new Hue integration … :man_shrugging:

Well, maybe he “needed” to upgrade to 2021.12 because of some other feature he’d like to use?
(at least that was my reason to upgrade.)
I’m on 2021.12.6 since yesterday, and the state of my switches also has become very unreliable.
Now I’m wondering what will happen if I downgrade my docker container back down to 2021.11 …

Hi Evan ,
slight hijack on the topic but your outdoor scene is exactly what I’ve been trying to achieve via home assistant ,and its been a complete mare ,at least since i added a innr outdoor light strip,
pretty much constantly on once triggered ,
how do you have yours set up ? via hue or automations via h/a ?
all lights in hue ?
have tried adding things to h/a and then hue then smartthings
have the hue porch light and innr light strip ,and to hue outdoor sensors ,
1 at the top of my stairs and one at the bottom
to me its a simple automation but i really cant get it to work properly
any input would be greatly appreciated

Hey guys,

Before opening an issue on github, I wanted to see if others are experiencing the same issue. When turning on a hue light via the “Light: Turn On” service, it appears to ignore the color settings. If the service is run while the light is already on, it works the 2nd time.
I just updated to 2021.12.8 and it’s still occurring. I don’t know exactly when this started, but it was around 2021.12.1.

Thanks all for your help… really appreciate it!

EDIT 1/14/2022: This appears to be a result of changes to how the light_profiles.csv file is handled.