HA 2023.5 much slower than 2023.4.x

Has anyone else noticed 2023.5 running much slower than 2023.4 (or is it just me)?

The UI is noticeably sluggish for me.

works fine here…
Do you have any log entries or system informations like from glances?
What is your system config (HW and HA install.)?

Hi, FYI: there is already 2023.5.1 with an update on the frontend.

that’s good to know - thanks.

yes, updated to that a couple of hours ago. It’s making no difference to the sluggishness. I should clarify that the sluggishness is in any given dashboard from completely loading. Once loaded, buttons etc work fine.

I’m not sure what glances are, but I haven’t seen any new log entries beyond the lines I am used to eg:

2023-05-05 13:29:53.934 ERROR (MainThread) [hass_nabucasa.remote] Connection problem to snitun server
  • I’m (now) running HA 2023.5.1 in docker on a RPi running DietpiOS.
  • I am using a Sonoff stick with Z2M (running OK).
  • I have 16 integrations (one of which is HACS).
  • I have 7 HACS integrations and 25 HACS ‘front end’ cards.

Could be it is the database update in the background…
If it is, it will be better when done (can take a while, depending of the speed of your hardware)

Glances is a HA integration to monitore your system.
It shows a lot of informations about your system, like CPU, RAM and memory usage and much more.

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Wasn’t this an issue when upgrading to v 2023.4?

I did notice a sql database update when installing 2023.5.0, and during the update my ha was terrible slow….

great - installing it now - thanks!

Good point. Thanks for that.

yes, it was!

Yepp, same here…
Sometimes some parts of the frontend (pages) use seconds to load, and some automations or tasks executed takes several seconds before it executes after triggered.
Upgraded to 2023.5.2 now, then the fan in the NUC increased RPM a lot.
Trying to give the whole box a restart now.

My really slow dashboards (4-5 second load time for all icons to appear) all have a custom:apexcharts-card in them. Removing it allows the dash to load faster.

Hmm interesting, i also use the Apex-card add-on, but i am not sure if it happens with only those pages where i use Apex-cards.
After upgrade to 2023.5.2, and a full reboot of the system, the fan RPM is normalized.
To early to say, but the pages seems to load fast now.

Glad to hear it. Mine still take several seconds, but, I think you are right, I may have jumped too quickly in thinking it was apexcharts-card.

I am convinced it is Apex Charts.
In Chrome, check out developer tool’s console and see ten thousands of errors because of some NULL values which the Apex Charts library is unable to handle properly.
In this state, Apex Charts have become unusable for me.


I am already migrating what I can off Apexcharts.

…but something else is also slowing my UI down. Even without Apexcharts, a full refresh (from source) still takes seconds for all the icons to appear.

Yes, now mine is lagging again, also when triggering automation and before it execute the automation.
Example i have an automation that turn on/off all lights in the living room, when i trigger it either with a pulse remote button or google nest mini voice command, there is a delay in 5-10 seconds before the automation starting execution. Not normal at all.

I’ve been playing a lot - disabling HACS and rewriting dashboards to try to get to the bottom of it. I have discovered nothing of use though. Very frustrating.

[edit]. I do use a lot of custom:button-cards in a decluttering card wrapper (so I have a consistent look throughout my dashboards that’s easy to edit in one ‘hit’). I will start looking at this next.