HA 22.8 migrations issues (HUE)

I just migrated to HA 22.8 and I am having issues with hue scene entities. After the upgrade, all of my hue devices remain controllable and an accurate status is provided to Home Assistant. However, 100% of the hue entities are failing to providing entity status to HA as follows:

  1. After the migration the logbook shows the hue scene entities as unavailable.
  2. The Lovelace auto generated dashboard still handles hue hardware, rooms and zones correctly. However, The hue scene entities in the auto generated dash board are now dead unclickable button type objects. Only the entity name is provided with the object. No status
  3. 100% of all hue scenes are available in the entity list; but, again no entity status is provided for any of entities.
  4. The entity list also includes a entity popup screen which provides more details for a specific entity. This popup has an activate button for a specific entity. This activate button still works and will trigger the hue scene to activate. Though the scene will activate using this button, the entity status is not changed
  5. When I go to integrations and try to configure the hue integrations, I have a new pop titled “options.” This option popup contains the following message: “ignore connectivity status for the given devices”. The “given devices” include all of my hue hardware devices e.g., bulbs, switches, etc., plus logical rooms and zones. The popup options list has no hue scenes. this is a recurring popup and I cannot get into the hue Configuration until i select 100% of the devices as “ignore connectivity status”. This new popup is triggered every time I try to configure the Hue integration.

I have tried deleting the Hue configuration, and reinstalling the Hue integration. There was no change in status. I tried reverting back to HA 21.12 and reinstalling HA 22.8. Again no change in status. I have researched the documentation and have been unable to locate another example.

Any ideas how to get the hue scene entities to provide status again?

Bump, the hue appears broken. Hue generated scenes no longer work

Home Assistant’s Hue integration for internally generates scenes has improved. I can see all Hue generated Scenes, Rooms, and Zones. This is very helpful.

However, some issues remain, In home Assistant Ver. 22.9 , Home Assistant auto-generates a default “Overview” dashboard as shown below. This auto generated code does not work at all for internally generated Hue scenes.

type: entities
title: Downstairs
  type: buttons
    - entity: scene.downstairs_marvel
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      name: Marvel
    - entity: scene.downstairs_movies
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      name: Movies
    - entity: scene.downstairs_dodgers
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      name: Dodgers
    - entity: scene.downstairs_morning_blue
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      name: Morning blue
    - entity: scene.downstairs_trojan_lights
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      name: Trojan Lights

The above snippet is how the "default “Overview” dashboard populates scene entities created by internally by the Hue Hub . The HA snippet does not result in a “usable outcome”…