HA 5.5 and remote_rpi_gpio

I have gone to the beta of Home Assistant (5.5) in order to be able to boot off a hard drive which is not supported with the regular version.
I am wondering if anyone is aware of problems with remote_rpi_gpio. More specifically, when restarting HA, there seems to be a random chance of remote_rpi_gpio working or not working. Currently it is not working for me.
I have a binary sensor in the configuration.yaml file and about 50% of the time I restart HA, the sensor is not recognized. Currently, the sensor is seen by HA but changing the input signal on the remote pi does not show an event in the HA log - it just isn’t seeing it.
This setup worked under the regular version of HA but it is possible that with all my messing about, something got changed.
Having said that, there is no explanation why sometimes the binary sensor is seen at startup and other times it is not.
I know that I am using beta software and some things might not work so at this time I am just curious if this a known issue.