HA Alarmpanel

Hi first post here and new to HA.

I have a Verisure Yale Doorman V2N that i configured and the lock icon works great in HA, but i need som help.
I want to use the alarm panel in HA to unlock it instead, if i enter the correct code, is that possible?

I need a push in some direction.

Now it looks like this, i was just messing around.

type: alarm-panel
  - unlock
entity: lock.lagneheten
name: Front door
callservice: unlock.lagenheten

Thanks in advance.

I take it you’re talking about an automation which, when you unlock your alarm it also unlocks the door?
If so you need a trigger to kick the automation off, then an action (unlock the door)
it’d look something like this:

- alias: 'Alarm - Unlock Door When Disarming Alarm'
    - platform: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.alarm
      to: 'disarmed'
    - service: lock.unlock
        entity_id: lock.lagneheten

obviously replace alarm_control_panel.alarm with the actual name of your alarm

I have no alarm but you got the idea.
I got it to work pretty much, but disarming give me som error.

Can you translate the error message? Sounds like something not right with your action

Edit: I got it to work!
I have choosen the “arm_custom_bypass” in the alarm panel instead of “arm-away”.

But now i want to arm after like 10 seconds after disarming.

Is it posible to edit the Arm Away and Disarm button on the alarmpanel itself?
I would likte to have Unlock instead of Disarm

And how do i get more disarming codes? I need like five diffrent codes.

Any ideas?

Not sure you can. At least not without changing some core code. You may need to look into a custom component that you’ll have to maintain to achieve this. No small task of you ask me

What would be the point of different codes? These would not be tracked I believe so you would not be able to identify who disarmed the alarm as you wouldn’t know which code was entered. Similarly you could not disarm only a part of the house…
Maybe something to add to month of WTH before it’s over…

The point of different codes was since all family members has there own code to the door lock.

I was trying around to auto re-arm the alarm panel but did not have any luck there, after disarm and ten seconds later i want it to be armed again. Any thoughts there?

Why not give them all the same code? Tu came track its use anyway… Again worth adding a list in the WTF section before it gets closed

Again I’m not sure why one would want to automatically rearm an alarm when it’s been disarmed with the right code. anyway you should be able to do that with an automation
You probably want some conditions though else it might rearm when you don’t want to (I.e. Someone that’s supposed to be home is at home. You don’t want the alarm on then)


I’m just using the alarm panel to unlock the yale lock, nothing else.
So when i disarm the door is unlocked for a while, then i don’t have to run down the stairs just to open for some one how dose not have the code.

I will try again with some automation.

Sure i could just use a button to open the lock, but when we are leaving from home we put the yale lock i “away mode” so its not possible to open the door from inside, so if somebody breake in they cant atleast open the door.