HA and Android Auto help

Hi Guys, Can you tell me if it’s possible to get HA onto my Andriod Auto which runs on my Renault Koleos R-Link 2 . I have my Andriod Auto on my Renault working fine and would like to get HA working.


The Home Assistant App itself is not Android Auto compatible for now. But if you have connected your Home Assistant configuration to Google Assistant you can use Google Assistant Shortcuts inside Android Auto to control HA devices.

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Thanks I try that, appreciate the help

I tried to create a simple shortcut to play my favourite band on Tidal, but everytime i test the command google answer me he’s oflline. Sending the same command through the microphone of android auto the command is executed without any problem… What does it means he’s offline?

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I don’t know. I cannot reproduce this. I have been using Google Assistant shortcuts to control my garage door via Home Assistant and Android Auto for a while now and have never had this error message.

Maybe stupid question but is your Android Auto connected to the Internet and is your signal good enough?

Most Google Assistant bug reports in the Google Android Auto Forum are also voice command and not shortcut related. But maybe you can look over there for a solution: Search results - Android Auto Help

Yes of course as voice commands work as expected…