Ha and Calendar

Hello everyone,

I integrated a calendar in HA. That worked out well.

If I want to access it via


I only get the next event

Is there a possibility that I approach all events of a day together? if yes how do i do such a thing

Thanks for every response

This is what I have… My wife and I have several events that happen at specific times, such as work, meetings, club events etc. I created sub-calendars in my Google calendar for these events.
As an example I have board meetings that start at 8 am or 10 am. Because of traffic and distance, I need to wake up 2 hours before. As such I have 1 sub-calendar for a 6 am wake-up and another for a 8 am wake-up (in reality because of traffic the 10 am meeting has a wake-up of 7:30 am).
Depending on the meeting I enter a whole day event in the selected sub-calendar.
With the HA Google calendar integration, I have automations that look like :

entity meeting 1 (that was created by the Google calendar Integration)
Start 6:00:00 AFTER

  • light 1 goes ON
  • wait 5 minutes
  • Alexa says : “it is time to get up”
  • Curtains open
  • TV starts (Harmony Hub Integration)
  • Hallway Light ON
    -Wait 40 minutes
    -Lights OFF
    -TV OFF