HA and Connecting to External PC

I’ve got a small PC I’m planning to use in my office that will display a weather radar and stock news/scores/etc via a web browser on two monitors hung on the wall. I have everything mounted and hooked up to the screen and PC - just not sure where to go next.

Here are the requirements I’m trying to meet:

  • Turn on/off M-F 9am - 4:30pm (or wake/sleep)
  • Display web browser, one window on each screen to the specific URL
  • Have browser refresh content every minute (approx.)

What is the best way to configure this?

I am totally open to other ideas. The vision I have is to make my office like a “command center” where I have constant flowing of information.


Some things to look at:

HASS.Agent - installs on your PC, provides commands and sensors among other things.

Wake On LAN integration

Browser Mod - turns your browser into a controllable entity

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I have an i3 based touchscreen all in one that I use for a HA dashboard. Every evening I run an ssh based switch automation to shut the unit off, and every morning I use a wake on lan switch automation to turn the unit back on.