HA and DHT22 issues

I am trying to setup a DHT22 temp and humidity sensor.

Looking on line, I believe i have the correct code. However I am not seeing anything on the dashboard and a warning.

  - platform: dht
    sensor: DHT22
    pin: 20
# GPIO 20  pin 38
    name: Basement
      - temperature
      - humidity

When using the GPIO pin number. It compiles without error. When running the ui, I get

“17-03-20 19:06:19 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Setup of platform dht is taking over 10 seconds.”

It then pauses and eventually loads HA and continues on. The sensor never appears on the dashboard.

HA version 0.40.0

Looking in my deps/Adafruit_DHT folder I have updated the common.py per this


However, it did not change anything for me. I just overwrote the .py files and restarted HA service.

Any help would be appreciated

  • Jason S.

Fixed. Sorry for the post. This was a wiring issue on my part. Disregard the post

Jason S.

我的也是这个样子 但是我的接线是正确的 您现在操作的怎么样了