HA and external PBX server

Hello all.
I’m working on a smart doorbell.

The plan is that with a push on a button will tell HA that someone is at the door an play a sound.

But the addition to it is that I want it to make a sip call (with video and sound from a surveillance camera at the door) to my sip number so it will work like a door phone.

I have a freePBX server on my network and want it to use that to make the call.
Is there a way to do that?
The only way I currently can find is to make a PBX server on HA and thats just not optimal do to i already having a PBX server in use.

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Check the Add-On ha-sip.
I run a Vital-PBX server in my local network and can make a call from HA or call HA.

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I have now installed the add-in and will play around with it to see how it works.

Thanks for the reply.

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I’m working on integrating my FreePBX server and Home Assistant. I have the AMI interface working with the Asterisk integration so my phone system knows when we are home and way. I’ve not yet got SIP calling from HA to FreePBX because I need to get my PKI server back online and generate the necessary certificates. There is a SIP add in that I have installed but without the certs I cannot make a call from a browser since I am not using HTTPS to access it.


I don’t have a certificate in my PBX so making my HA call my SIP number and say a tts message was not that hard.

Next to figure out is to make a video call with video feed from surveillance and the use of mic and speaker there are build in to the camera.

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I don’t know how to do that without the option to setup a (PJ)SIP account in the video/speaker/mic device.

As it looks right now is it not possible so to there’s no 2 way communication functions active in the tapo camera repo in hacs.

And also the softphone software i use (sipnetic) charge a one time buy for the video call option.

It’s a bit much money to spend to test a setup.

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A quick and easy way would be to send an MQTT message from HA to the PBX that places a call using either a call file or just a single line command