HA and ISY Integration - Insteon switches

I have an ISY 99 and lots of insteon switches. Everything has worked great for years.

I have started playing with Home Assistant (HA) on a Raspberry pi with the Nortek dual Zwave and Zigbee stick. I have a few new Zwave switches and zigbee devices; all of it is working fine.

Here is my problem/question: I am unable to figure out how to trigger an automation in HA via physically pressing an Insteon switch (2477D or 2477S).

I am able to get insteon switches to turn on/off via Lovelace card/automations, and HA can see the change in ‘state’ of the switch.

However, when I physically press the Insteon switch on/off, HA does not register the change in state…I think if I can solve this then I can generate automations off of the “change in state” trigger in HA.

Does anyone have any insight on this issue?

I would also like to add that I have an Insteon 8-button KPL; HA can see the state-change when I physically press one of it’s buttons.

Just throwing this out there, but the ISY99 is ancient, replaced by the ISY994. I wouldn’t be surprised if the HA ISY integration doesn’t work very well with it.

I should have been more succinct. I have the ISY994i.

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Assuming your only using the ISY99 to control Insteon devices, you could bypass the ISY99, connect the PLM to your RPi. ( assuming it is serial PLM you would need serial to USB adapter ) You then need the Insteon integration vs the ISY in Home Assistant. The config I have uses a USB PLM and it is running very well. State changes work fine as well.

Also noted that the ISY Integration only mentions ISY994

I know I had some quirks when I tried to work with ISY scenes in HA. Solved by only interacting with devices instead. This introduced a few other issues in HA, but were solved with some automations to keep devices synchronized.

brucek could you provide a link or model # for the plm adapter? I may try this out

Maybe I misunderstand your problem but I did try to add an automation that triggers of an Insteon switch and it worked for me.
This is the automation that I tried:

  alias: New Automation
  description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: light.retreat_light
    from: 'off'
    to: 'on'
  condition: []
  - service: notify.mobile_app_robert_iphone12
      message: Test
  mode: single

And my PLM is an old 2413S with a network cable interface. I suppose I could also just use an insteon hub and the insteon integration?

Robert, yes…this is the problem I am trying to solve. Your example wont work on my 2477D’s but will work on my KPLs

I have a 2413U which is identical to your 2413S., except USB vs Serial port. I would not necessarily recommend a hub. They seem to be finicky at times with their internet/Ethernet connection. This based other peoples comments in the forum. Just google Insteon USB PLM and your will get lots of places where you can purchase

Are you using the ISY Integration to communicate with the ISY? If so, it should be communicating back to HA on the state of the insteon switches when you physically press the switch. If you are communicating with the ISY via other means (e.g. REST) then you may lack the feedback loop to tell HA the state of the switch.

If you plan on keeping both your ISY and HA running on your network, I recommend not introducing another hub (e.g. Insteon hub) or Raspberry Pi connected to PLM to control the same insteon switches. I’ve experience many problems having multiple hubs controlling the same device/switch. Use the ISY Integration and it should provide feedback of the state of your devices back to HA.

If you want to remove the ISY from your network, I found that the raspberry pi and PLM or Insteon hub with HA will work using the Insteon Integration.

All, Thanks for this feedback. I will investigate PLM integration