HA and zwave, maybe its not quite there yet?

Hey ya’ll, I’ve been following HA for awhile now, I set it up over the summer with some limited components that I had, it all worked great for plug and play components such as the Nest, etc.

In the fall it had some issues building open-zwave, so I abandoned it until those were fixed since thats the direction of hardware I wanted to go. This past week I started setting HA back up all over again with the fixed zwave, but I’m finding that either there is a severe lack of documentation around zwave and HA or HA is just not quite there yet for zwave support.

If someone can help me out that would be great, it’s a real simple setup that I’m trying to accomplish:

  • 2-3 zwave door sensors
  • 1 zwave alarm
  • 1 zwave (kwikset) door lock

Currently, I can see the alarm ‘switch’ in HA and can manually trigger the alarm on/off, which is cool. I had trouble pairing the sensors, but I think one is showing up currently as an icon, but it’s state never changes from ‘off’ (need to try repairing the other sensor, and I never have seen the door lock appear, I’ll try repairing that too).

So the questions are:

  • How do I rename the zwave components (or customize with icons, etc). I see the generated zwave_xml file, but that file gets updated everytime I restart HA and overwrites any changes…

  • How do I set up a simple automation with these zwave components such that:

I can push a “Arm Alaram” switch/button, and once this switch is turned to the on state it will a) lock the door, b) if any door sensor is triggered, the alarm wil sound. Un-arming the alarm and moving to off state the sensors are ignored (no alarm).

Does this make sense?

This is not an included function of home-assistant. You will need to use a third-party application. You might take a look at Open Zwave Control Panel https://github.com/OpenZWave/open-zwave-control-panel as an option. It will allow you to rename your switches etc.

I have only worked with a zwave switch and zwave light, so not sure how the door lock and alarms will function today.