HA Android app becoming unresponsive on a wall mounted phone

A new HA user here. I recently started using an old kindle fire tablet as a wall mounted dashboard running in the Fully kiosk browser. This has been working without any problems.
Motivated by this success, I created a smaller dashboard for a bedroom and mounted a Samsung Galaxy S8. I find that the Lovelace dashboard becomes unresponsive after a few hours. I have to switch to a different lovelace dashboard and switch back to the one I want to use. This works inconsistently too. I frequently have to restart the app on the phone to use the dashboard.
Is this expected with an android app? Why does it work fine in the Fully kiosk browser and not on a native app?
Thanks for the help.

check that android system webview is up to date

Hello. I tried updating the Webview. Still the same experience.
After some testing it looks like this problem shows up for only this one Lovelace dashboard.

Do you have a custom card on it?