HA Android app keeps appearing as a Picture-in-Picture icon

Recently the Home Assistant Android app has started to start itself. It appears anytime my Frigate NVR sees motion near my drive way. By “appear” I mean the app starts and appears as a floating button. It’s really annoying and I cannot figure out how to disable this feature. I still want to have notifications, but I definitely don’t want the app to start & appear each time motion is detected. How can I turn this off?

The app has nothing to do with frigate. Can you share a screen shot or recording of the behavior?

And when clicked this is what it looks like expanded.

I mentioned Frigate only because it seems like Frigate is whats causing the app icon to appear. I have a Node-Red flow that alerts me via Alexa when someone is in my driveway.

this is not something the app does, seems like another app is doing this.

Try turning this setting off in Apps permissions.

this permission is required for the app to perform certain notification commands, the app also has no such feature as pictured above. We dont even have any code to put a camera picture in the icon like it shows, that is a different app.

Strange, I’ve always had it disabled, but enabling it now to see if there’s a difference. I do not receive cam pics and haven’t set that up.

@szaske The bubble on the screen looks like Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger. It may also be a Bubble setting. May look at Bubble Notifications to see if those are enabled on your phone. I disabled it because it was causing weird pop ups like you have constantly.

yea the app definitely has no bubble feature, that requires us to post a notification with a conversation ID and to use a Person. Neither of which is done :slight_smile:

The permission is used for notification commands command_activity and command_broadcast_intent because in those cases the app is telling another app to open up and do some action.

Some examples in the docs: Notification Commands | Home Assistant Companion Docs

You can do things like launch GPS navigation to a certain destination. Depends on the app, its an advanced feature but lets you do some cool stuff! This post tries to capture as many known intents and actions as we can find: Android Intents - Sending & Receiving List (Starting Activities too!)

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