HA Android companion app (external connection)

I have setup couldflare tunnel with my own domain (example.com)
Android companion app is set and works remotely i.e. it turns on lights and fan while on mobile data.

Only problem is that the sensors of the phone updates in the app (settings-> manage sensors) I can see them updating in settings but it doesn’t sends data to the HA servers. I checked on my PC browser, and phone still says not charging when I put it to charge or Battery level never updates.

My PC browser HA works both local and on example.com

Am I missing some settings?

Please help.

Make sure all connections to your server are open. You need to allow API and webhooks etc… Sounds like something is blocked.

How can I do that? Can you give me brief idea or YouTube video?

i am not sure i do not use cloudflare, but your question makes me wonder if you should really be using it or not.