HA Android companion widget

How do you add a widget for climate.xiaomi_miio_send_command?

I don’t think this is possible yet with the Android companion app.

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You can do this already with Tasker, if you need something in the mean time.

Oh my bad, there was a new release yesterday, which makes creating widgets possible now.
Update the app, go to your home screen, add the home assistant widget, it will open a window to configure the service, name, icon etc.

how do i input the command?

There all drop list except the label

i made a script for the remote send command whih wokrs, bu using it as a widget doesnt work

The service can not be climate.xiaomi_miio_send_command and then as entity you use a script.

Either change the service to script.turn_on or you change the service to script.158038… and remove the entity_id. Scripts can be used as a service directly.

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thank you i’ll try that