HA app doesn't seem to want to connect again

Out of all of HA, I think the app gives me the most issues.
Right now I am trying to re-set it up after it yet again just stopped working.
Although it has done a lot of strange things… Right now, I re-install the app, open it. It welcomes me, and asks me to continue, I click continue, and it finds my home assistant by domain (.duckdns.org:8123) which is configured with a DNS rewrite in my adguard. I select it, and sometimes I get a black screen. Somes I get “Unable to connect to home assistant” other times it tells me I am unauthorised, and won’t let me log in. When it is doing this I am constantly flipping back and forth between the HA app, and a web browser, to ensure I can connect. The web browser doesn’t even slow down. Refresh, BAM! Page reloads. Home assistant app… “Can’t connect” white screen, or any other sort of failure. Clear data. Uninstall app. Same thing. This while time switching back and forth to not 1, but 2 different web browsers on the phone.
I even tried it on an android tablet, one that never had home assistant installed on it… And its behaving the same way. Like… WTF?

Hi, if you have this issue with 2 different devices it’s likely something with your setup.
What if you connect the app locally to the IP address of your HA instance?

Certificate mismatch (As expected)
I have no doubt something is configured wrong somewhere… But the issue is I have no idea what it could be. I did just do a big network upgrade, so I am sure I am missing something, but the fact I can connect to it via a web browser on the same device has me totally stumped what could possibly be wrong? Doesn’t the app just connect to the web address?

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