HA App drops config and settings

Wifes iPhone has been working flawlessly with the HA app for years.

Set up with Nabu Casa account, works locally, and remote.

About two weeks ago, she showed me the app, it was like it had just been installed. I entered all the config info again, ( internal IP etc) and it connected. Turn off WiFi, and remote working as well. Turn WiFi back on, wait about an Hour, click app and its back to the welcome screen.

The app starts to scan for servers and never finds the server, even when it is on the local network. ( port is still 8123 if that matters.)

Weirdly, Its also opened with ‘The server has rejected your credentials’.

This is not as common, its usually the first screen.

HA version is all current, App is latest.

I’ve been through the forums, made sure things like accurate locations are on, played with prioritizing internal IP etc…

Maybe related - I am seeing some error logs in the supervisor logs and note the iOS reference?

  • Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from localhost ( (Home Assistant/2022.3 (io.robbie.HomeAssistant; build:2022.358; iOS 15.5.0) Alamofire/5.4.4)



Not discovering the server likely means one of: you’re on a network other than the server or the server isn’t able to talk mDNS on the multicast (e.g. behind a non-host docker network, extensive firewall on the server).

It looks like you’re using a reverse proxy, but haven’t set up trusted_proxies. This means that something (likely not the app, but could be something in the frontend) is getting itself http banned and it looks like (your reverse proxy) is the target of this, and all your traffic appears to be from the loopback address.

You can see the logout reason in the app under App Settings > Debugging > Event Log. Look for Refresh token is invalid, showing onboarding. Tapping into it will give more information. I’m guessing it’ll be because the address is banned.

Hey Zacwest,

Thanks for the guidance. I dont have a great deal of networking experience, so I’ll do some homework to better understand what reverse proxy / loopback etc is.

The HA instance is on a QNAP nas, internal IP of the NAS is 10.x.x.yyy, HA itself is in the QNAP virtual environment, IP 10.x.x.yyz.

Thanks again,