HA app hangs on more info on button click

Guys since a few days, not sure when, i am having hangup issues on the HA client app on android

I have alots of lovelace buttons in my interface, when i click on it, a light toggles … when i hold the button, i see the classic more info screen … so fa so good
When i close the more info screen, HA hangs for about 3 secs , i cant click any other button anymore

i cleared cache, didnt help
when i do the same test on a chrome browser it doesnt happen, so only on the HA client app

What can it be? it worked a few releases a go

HA client is not the same as the HA companion Android app. For companion app check that Android system webview is up to date. Outside of that the app is only a webview to the frontend so any issues there will need to be taken up with frontend team. We just load the site.

yeah, i meant the companion app offcourse :slight_smile:

system webview is up to date
i have now tested chrome browser on android, instead companion app, and indeed the issue is also present there
if i test chrome browser on desktop, i dont see the issue

you should open a frontend issue for that

Have you opened an issue?
I’m seeing the same, and when reverted back to 2021.1.5 solved my issue.
Btw I’m seeing this also in iOS.

No, didn’t open issue yet, other people are saying it’s because of webview… But not sure it’s related… Allthough some new webviews updates were installed lately on android…

But if you are saying you have it too on apple…

You only have it too on the “more info” dialog when closing?

So is it a core issue or frontend? Or maybe an issue with Lovelace custom button card? It’s hard to tell

When I open this, my app hangs, also in browser

Yeah, for me it happens on every “more info” dialog, i need to wait like 3-4 when I close it…

You already have a DM ? Or is it based on your slapper?

But still strange that not more people are complaining?

done, https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/issues/8396

maybe you can give also some input there