HA App not update position

Hi to all, for some time the app installed on android (2 device) non update the person position and not connect to ha when i connect on home wifi.

i have this configuration:

pfsense firewall with duckdns and certificate (let’s encrypt) ---- reverse proxy (on firewall) ----- ha on virtual machine

this configuration worked for 6/7 month, but now i can access on https://mydomain.duckdns.org only 3g or outside my local network

First off, check the log file on your proxy - see if it’s seeing connections when you’re on WiFi

Then, check the settings on your firewall - ensure NAT Reflection/Loopback NAT is enabled

I check the configuration, and setting is correct. Now i can connect via browser from outside network but the app not connect from same outside network.

i see the problem on all mobile device, in addition not update position of person with gps enable on mobile app

Then there’s a couple of likely possibilities:

  1. You don’t have working remote access - have you tested this in the app?
  2. You haven’t configured the app to report the location
  1. i tested the remote access via web and via app, when via app don’t work via web work fine
  2. in the app i activated geolocalizzation sensor a view they recived the address

You also need to enable the Background Location sensor if you want it to create a device_tracker entity.

the background location is enable. But i see the position upgrade is very slow. in addition i use ubiquiti integration for tacking via wifi, but my s21 create device_tracker OppoA74 create only switch.oppo74

sorry, i check the config but the app randomly non contact myduckdns via localnetwork and check via web browser on same network and the link is accesible.

now i can’t connect via app from outside network, but via browser all done.

the error is random and test remove/install app, configure local netwok, but the problem its same