HA APP should detect system theme and change loading screen

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to ask, but I’ve been using the official HA app for Android and it’s really great! It’s now the default app for smart stuff in my house.

But I have one issue, let’s say it’s 6am and I want to change the heater without waking up my wife…I’ve already set a dark mode in HA and it works fine once it’s loaded, but the default splash screen is still bright white even when my phone and my HA are set to dark mode.

So, my feature suggestion would be to have the splash screen change between light and dark mode according to what is set on the phone.

The screen in question:

(It’s 2020 and Google Home still lacks a dark mode, so this is not a big deal).

For feature requests, github would be a better place for this.