HA as stream proxy for local media - e.g. internet radio to offline Wi-Fi speakers?

Hey there,

I just bought some IKEA Symfonisk (SONOS) speakers, and since I want to keep them on a seperate, isolated network from which they can only talk to HA, I was wondering if there is an easy way to stream inernet radio to those speakers?
Since HA is connected to the internet it should in theory be able to re-broadcast music streams, is there an easy way of doing that?

Thank you!

I’ve setup streamripper in a docker container using portainer, added the url to the SONOS app (my radio stations), passing them directly to the speaker via play_media isn’t working for some reason

Okay, so streamripper saves the media too, seems like you can’t disable that.
Icecast now works, nginx proxy too - I get a few skips here and there, but other than that, it works just fine