HA asking me to upgrade my core to a lower version?

Can anyone explain this for are you seeing it as well?


Running the latest of everything on a supervised install.

Please try reloading cache by Ctrl+F5.

I’m seeing this as well, both for Core and Supervisor.
Reloading cache did not help. It is occurring in the Android App and multiple browsers.

It usually clears up after a while; then it comes back. I can’t see any pattern related to anything I’m doing (reloads, restarts, …). This has been happening now for about 4 days.

Mine is doing the same thing, and one time I accidentally hit “Update” and it actually downgraded to 2021.3.3 :expressionless:

Thar is what I am seeing… comes and goes and it does downgrade.

I am running a supervised install.