I just installed the GitHub - walthowd/ha-automower: Automower Custom Component for Home Assistant for my Husqvarna 430x.

Just wondering if someone would share the process for the Google Map card?

and I would be curious to see the automation setup

On your referenced link you can find the usage. Since I have currently problems with my Automower integration, first test your device tracker (go to developer tools, filter for device_tracker and verify that it is there).

Next, try to set up Google maps so that the still_image_url is working inside your browser. Follow the instructions on link from usage and register an API key. You also have to play with the window and zoom level of the map you want wo show.

The link looks like:
https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=< center of your view >&zoom=< your zoom level eg 19 >&size=< your size eg 540x540 >&maptype=satellite&markers=color:blue%7Clabel:M%7C< Position of Automower >&key=< your API key >

Once you are able to display your map in the browser, integrate the map in your HA gui (the camera section in the usage).

I also just install it for my 430X
What must be done in lovelace to have commands?

Finally the card was activated without further intervention on my part.