HA Backup Download Fails at 255mb

Hi all,

My HA ‘Core’ backups have recently reached over 250MB in size and I’m now unable to download them from the UI. If I select the download option, it fails every time when the download reached 255mb.

255 is suspicious because 256mb is a typical/default value that someone might be set as a ‘max request size’ or similar in a web server config, so I wonder if this is a bug.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is anyone getting success downloading backups over 255mb in size?

In the meantime is there another way to get the backups off the server? (running HA OS)


Install the Samba or FTP add-ons - Samba is best. You can then (once configured) connect to the Backup share on your HA instance and copy them off using your platform of choice.

The size doesn’t seem to be the issue for me. My backup file was big. Over 700M. I was thinking the size might be causing the problem. I clean stuff up and got the backup down to 91M. I still can’t use the GUI to download the backup. It fails. No errors are reported in the homeassistant.log file. Seems to be some other type of bug. Anyone know how to find/enable additional debug information that might point to the problem?

Found another chain where they indicated they had download problem on firefox. I had tired using firefox on Windows 10 and fedora. Both failed. After seeing the other chain I gave edge a try on Windows 10 and it successfully downloaded the backup file. Seems HA may not be firefox friendly.

I can confirm this issue with Firefox on Windows as well as on MacOS. My Backup is about 300MB. But the size where the download fails is different each time.

I was able to download the update using Chrome on Windows.


Guys for who is interested. I have a remote instance (RPI4 with SSD 128GB) which I backup automatically and then manual download (Samba Share installed) via MS Edge to a folder locally. I use nabucasa cloud connection and I was be able to download over 900mb to my local drive.

Forgot to mention I use a MacBook to download.

I just ran into this too… I used Firefox to download backup and failed around the half way

I didn’t know Firefox was this big pile of shit, but MS EDGE solved the problem - although I hate that also…

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found this thread and it fixed it for me as well. thanks