HA behind a proxy; authorization header reused


I will use Home Assistant behind a reverse proxy.
My reverse proxy use username&password und set the Authorization-Header.

I found out, that the Home Assistant API use the same Header. All Request to /api overwrite the authorization-Header with some of that: “authorization”: “Bearer [TOKEN]”.

After that, my proxy drop/denied the access, because the original authorization-Header is not available.

I mean, that these authorization header directives can not used for other things as proxies… Can I change that in the configuration, can that add in the configuration, that HomeAssistant use for the /api a other “free” field?

Sorry, I am not an expert. I found that, by fetch the Firefox traffic and the proxy-logs.

THANK YOU for every help.

EDIT: link with additional Infos/explanation in Answer1: api - Custom Authorization Header - Stack Overflow

Never a idea to solve this authorization header problem?

HA is not designed to work with a different authentication provider.
When using a reverse proxy and exposing to the internert it is important to allow the proxy IP-adresses.

My own experience:
Home Assistant + haproxy +LetsEncrypt+TransIP – Jan Bouwhuis (jbsoft.nl)