Ha behind haproxy: way to mangle path?


I setup haproxy in front of home-assistant, and it works fine if I only change domain. But I’d like to have it switched by path instead, and having other services under different paths. HA doesn’t seem to work if path is altered. Is there a config for HA to tell it should exists behind some path?

So instead of:


Using path:


I tried this for haproxy backend:

http-request set-path "%[path,regsub(^/ha/,/)]"

So let me clarify still. Is there option to make HA serve from given path? Like grafana had option for it, see here: Configure Grafana | Grafana documentation

I’m also struggling in putting HA behind a reverse proxy by using paths to route to different servers/WebApps. To my understanding this will not work, as long as HA doesn’t support paths in internal_url/external_url. This should be on the list of change requests.


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