HA Blue: no ethernet after latest update


I updated to latest HA OS last night via the browser and the connection never came back. I‘m normally pretty good at keeping it fresh, and would only have been a month out of date max. I’ve power cycled the box a few times and tried ha host restart but it won’t serve a UI.

I’m physically wired to the router on a known good cable. Other devices on the router work fine.

Under Home Assistant CLI it says:
IPv4 addresses for end0: and no entry

Going via logged in command line:
ls -l /sys/class/net shows ethernet/net/end0

ha net info says the interface is not connected or enabled, with no IP address.

Running net update end0 —ipv4-method-auto tells me it can’t create config and activate end0: Connection ‘Supervisor end0’ is not available on device end0 because device has no carrier.

All was working before the OS update. Any thoughts on how I restore functionality?