HA Blue Simultaneous Ethernet and Wifi Connectin

HA Blue seems to be having a problem with having two simultaneous connections: LAN on one network (with internet access) and wifi on another (no internet access)

Backstory (you can skip down to the Help section if you’re not interested):

So for reasons that don’t bear exploring at this juncture due to moving to an apartment where the internet package was not what it seemed, I’ve ended up with a complicated network situation and take as a given this is kind of how it has to be as I have tried other options which is how i ended up here now.

So I have two networks:
1.) ApartmentWifi (apartment complex, has internet) - no access to the router, access point or any infrastrucutre
2.) MyWifi (my router, does not have internet) - DDWRT, mine, along with an attached managed switch

ApartmentWifi comes with one (1) LAN hookup that can only take one (1) device connecting to it; I was using my own router but after eight months, the Access Point firmware recognized it and blocked it so I can’t have a subnetwork with internet anymore. It also recognized all my switches both managed and unmanaged. So everything I have I’ve moved to wireless, which has been miserable but doable, except for two things:
1.) Phillips Hue Hub (unless I want to do some recreational soldering, which I would but last time there was fire and drama)
2.) HA Blue

So obviously HA Blue won the Only LAN In the World competition, but that left me unable to control my Hue Lights. So hooked up one of my routers to my good switch to have a second (non-internet) network and connected the Hue, my home server, and my NAS to the switch all with reserved IPs. The home server and the NAS both also are connected to the ApartmentWifi, so they’re double connected and as that worked, i went to step two. On the server, I started an instance of Home Assistant in Docker, and it was able to find my Hue Lights through MyWifi but I could also connect with homeassistant_remote through ApartmentWifi to HA Blue, and thus, I got my Hue lights back and it worked perfectly. HA Docker resolves in both SSH and the gui on both the ApartmentWifi IP and the MyWifi IP.

After a lot of reading in the github Home Assistant code, finally found a wifi module that works for HA Blue (reference: Amazon.com). And I achieved a double connection and was about to start trying to get my Hue lights back in HA Blue directly.

I did not get that far yet.

HA Blue is not happy with being connected to both an ethernet and a wifi network at the same time.

Specifically the frontend; the SSH still lets me login to my ethernet IP or hostname linked with that IP without issues, but the gui won’t resolve on both or even either one with any predictability; it seems to be jumping between them almost at random so one works, the other works, or neither work.

Is there a way to resolve this so the GUI will ideally resolve on either IP but at least on the primary (ApartmentWifi) reliably but let me access my Hue Lights on MyWifi. The HA Docker’s remote connection is working fine so I can continue using that, but I’d really like to switch to using Docker to test changes to Home Assistant before I implement them and use it for dev without risking the connection of half my apartment’s lights.

Any help would be appreciated.