HA Bridge with auth token

I had my HA Bridge setup with Home Assistant and Harmony however now that I have switched my Home Assistant over to the new auth token system I cant seem to get Home Assistant to accept requests anymore. Does anyone have any tips on this. I tried creating a token and using it as the password in my bridge setup but it didnt seem to work. This is one of the errors I am seeing in the log of HA Bridge

|01-22-2019 23:26:10.521|WARN|HTTP response code was not an expected successful response of between 200 - 299, the code was: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized with the content of <<<401: Unauthorized>>>|com.bwssystems.HABridge.plugins.http.HTTPHandler|
|01-22-2019 23:26:10.521|ERROR||spark.http.matching.GeneralError|

Not sure if you’ve fixed this yet or not, but I had the same issue and have been tinkering with it to get it figured out.

Unfortunately I don’t appear to be able to use HA Bridge’s default device setup as I’m trying to change the value of an input_select rather than turn on/off an input_boolean, so i’ve been using the rest API.

Here’s my specs:

  • Type: HTTP device
  • Target Item: https://myurl.dynsdnsthing.org:myport/api/services/input_select/select_option
  • Delay: blank
  • Count: blank
  • Filter ips: blank
  • http verb: post
  • http body: {“entity_id”:“input_select.selection_entity_name”,“option”:“my setting”}
  • http headers: [{“name”: “Authorization”, value=“Bearer long_string_long_access_token_from_homeassistant”}]

Hope this helps someone out there as we go through the transition of removing the legacy password auth provider. At one point I had the long lived access token in the target item url, but it wasn’t working after the switchover, so placing it in the header was the way to go.

Other keywords: HA-Bridge, HA Bridge, HABridge, BWSsystems, legacy password, service calls, rest api

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Hi ceef, thank you very much! Your insights helped me in setting up Hyperion → HA-Bridge → Home Assistant, for some spectacular light effects. There are some small typo’s and errors in your text which i corrected in my walk-through. Your comments helped me to move forward, i was pretty much stuck.
@all: You can find the manual here: