HA can't restart anymore - Due to "webostv"

Hi guys,

I updated to Home Assistant 2023.6.1.
Few days after that I wanted to restart HA. Before that I clicked on “check configuration”. The waiting indicator just spins forever. If I restart anyways I get the following message:

Any idea whats wrong her? Didn’t changed anything in the background.

My HA version:
Supervisor 2023.06.1
Operating System 10.2
Frontend 20230608.0 - latest

Can you translate this error in English and give more information on your installation. Is it haos or suprevised. Maybe someone can/will help you.

Same issue:

HAOS x86 (ova):

anything in the logs??

Reelated error log:

I guess you saw this coming…what does your configuration.yaml say?
Anything related to webostv?

Btw, hasn’t the yaml configuration depreciated??
I used to have something like that, but it has become obsolete…

You’ll still nees to figure out something for wol though…

for me that was LG WebOs Remote control

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the error is definitely because you still have the yaml configuration. you need to remove it.

for wake on land this is how to do it with an automation:

- id: media_turnon_disconnectedtvs
  alias: Media turnon disconnectedtvs
  initial_state: true
  - platform: webostv.turn_on
    entity_id: media_player.master_tv
    id: mastertv
  - service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
      mac: C8:08:E9:58:D3:8F #mac for master_tv

The power button in the media player card triggers the automation.

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Thank you! I removed it from my config.yaml and now everything is fine :slight_smile:

Hi. I was having the same problem and found your post. I’m very new to HA, so I could not get it to work, undoubtedly due to ignorance. I tried pasting your code into my automations.yaml file but it did not like that action. Errors were generated. The first one appeared after the - platform: webostv.turn_on line saying “Value must be “calendar””. I’m sure I must be doing something newbie wrong, but would appreciate any guidance.

Please paste your yaml.