HA Cloud adding devices every time I restart and sync devices

I’m having an issue with HA Cloud, where my devices are duplicating themselves every time I change cloud configuration, restart home assistant and sync devices to my Google home.

Here’s what happens:

"Hey Google, Turn on the downstairs lights"
"Ok. Turning on 2 lights"

Change some settings, restart, & sync devices.

"Hey Google, Turn on the downstairs lights"
"Ok. Turning on 4 lights."

Change more settings, restart, & sync devices.

"Hey Google, Turn on the downstairs lights"
"Ok. Turning on 6 lights."

Any one else seeing this? I submitted a support ticket to Nabu Casa yesterday, but I didn’t get so much as an automated response email. And, yes, I am a paying customer.

Edit: HA v0.80.3.

Having the same issue since today… But I’m not using the cloud just the link with the test actions app.

Looks like Google is causing the problem though… As I’m still on 0.76. change I made is just exposed a switch to Google Assistant and performed a resync

Still can use the assistant but sometimes it tells me that it doesn’t know which light to turn on …

Yep. Exact same here. I get that error if I try to specify a particular device.

Fixed it by:
Unlink Hass in home app
Waiting for at least an hour
Restart Hass
Link hass in home app

Now it is working fine

Cool. I ended up trying this as well with success. I got a response from Nabu Casa acknowledging my support ticket. We’ll see what comes of that. Obviously, unlinking your account every time you make changes isn’t a proper solution – it’s a work-around.

I’m having this issue today. Did they ever get back to you with a cause/fix?

Nabu Casa blamed Google, and I tend to believe them, because I haven’t had the problem since unlinking and re-linking my account that one time.

I recently found this post on reddit that kind of confirms it wasn’t HomeAssistant’s fault: