HA Cloud Setup Failing in Hassio

Good evening
Trying to setup the new HA Cloud service, however I keep getting the error below.

I’m having the same issue. Not sure if there’s an issue with the server or on my end. I was seeing errors in home-assistant.log about not being able to connect to a server on AWS, however since I’ve logged out, my log got wiped and it’s not logging that error anymore, so I can’t post the specific error.

So I figured out what seems to be the issue for me. I had the Pi-Hole add-on installed. I set my router back to the default DNS, I can log in, and I can set the router back to the Pi-Hole DNS, and stay logged in. I tried watching the Pi-Hole log and what it was blocking and didn’t see anything being blocked when I tried to log in, but anyway, there it is.

ok thanks… let me try that.

I just posted this to the pi-hole add-on list:

Please read the Pi-hole add-on thread about those issues, since the clear answer is listed a couple of times now.