HA Companion Add, cannot connect to Home assistant (Pi4) from mobile, but laptop works


I´m a beginner and just installed Home Assistant on a Rasp4. I can get access to HA on the Pi with my laptop by browser through a firefox tab with [http://homeassistant.local:8123/lovelace/0]

Additionally I downloaded the Home Assistant Companion App via Playstore.

After opening the APP it searches for an instance but doesn´t find one. There is a button to type in the connection adress manually, but neither of the following works:


  • IP-AdressofthePI (Found the adress in the Fritzbox dialog under Network)
  • homeassistant.local
  • homeassistant.local:8123

Pi is connected by LAN to my Fritzbox 7590, Laptop connected to my LAN by LANCable, Smartphone by Wifi to my Fritzbox.

What is the problem?
Do I have to set up something on the PI/Home Assistant before to get access from mobile phone?

Thanks for help

Try adding local server in HA App

HA APP >> Settings >> Companion App >> Debugging >> Add Server

might be helpful to know what error you hit when setting up. The same URL you use in a browser should be used in the app.

here are some tips that have also helped me:

  • no device should be in the guest network of the Fritz!Box!!!
  • use the IP number to avoid DNS problems
  • disable mobile data for the test to force access via WLAN
  • disable apps for ad-blocking or spec. firewall or vpn
  • is access possible from the cell phone with any of the installed browsers?
  • companion app: set ‘Home Assistant URL’ and ‘Internal Connection URL’ to the same IP address
  • if you use profiles on your smartphone, use one without restrictions to test it
  • and of course: what error messages do you get?