HA Companion (Andriod) - restore 'Defaults'

I have looked everywhere in the App - is there something I am missing? How do I reset it back to defaults (for settings such as sensors, high accuracy location, etc.)? I was working on fixing a ‘home/not_home’ issue and made a bunch of recommended changes - but cannot for the life of me remember them all.

My phone has started playing the set Notification sound randomly when I am not moving, or using it - sitting in home office and it just randomly plays. No Idea why. The sound is specific to HA - nothing else uses it.

Not that I’m saying a “reset” feature wouldn’t be useful but until it gets implemented (if) I think the only way to do it is to is to go into the HA app and clear the app data cache. And maybe even uninstall and re-install the app.

I looked for any way to reset all the toggles (ore settings) back to default. I have not yet found a clear cache option…I thought of ‘uninstall’ then ‘re-install’ but feared like many Android Apps - it would have settings or info stored some place that just gets pulled back in.

If you go to settings->apps->HA app->storage there should be an option to clear the app data and the cache info.

this doesn’t need to be a feature request as we have the proper steps outlined in troubleshooting

also for the android app the correct place for a feature request is on Github