HA Companion App (Android): No log-in page after finding my HA-Server


the fresh installed companion app refuses to show anything but the HA-symbol on the page after finding my (correct) HA-Server adress (on a Samsung Tab A 2016, Android 8.1, rooted). No log-in screen or anything but this empty page.

  • Deinstalled HA-ap, installed new and tried again
  • erased cache and data and tried again
  • Type the adress:port in a browser on the same device => works, but not on companion app.

The app runs great on my other devices (Smartphone and other tablet, both Android 13)

I have no idea what else I could do, any ideas? It finds my server but then - nothing… I went all the way to root and set up the tablet to use it as a wall-display.

Anything in the logs?

Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs.

How to access “option under Settings Companion App > Troubleshooting > Show and Share Logs” if I can’t get past the setup?

Have you tried using a browser to see if it works?

It appears he did:

Good point. Since the device is rooted, can you use a file navigation app to get to where the logs are stored?

Anything in the HA logs (refused connection, etc.)?

Yes, and I wrote that in the first post. Third point.
edit: oh, Mark already mentioned it.

Well, the solution of this timewasting mess was to install a custom rom (Lineage) on the tablet, which took me 4h to get all the files and informations to do it right.
Really not funny to read HA-app is Android 5 compatible just to see that its not even Android 8 compatible. At least not on a standard Samsung tablet. Now works with Android 12. It was just that the log-in page in the app was blank under Android 8 and under Android 12 it showed the log-in fields as normal.
Thank you app-developers for all your work, but this really was no joy. Would be great if one could submit this kind of bugs (but not helpful without any logs, just prosa).

Based on similar threads, I have a hunch your issue was caused by the webview version being used on your other rom.

Search around here for “webview” and you’ll see a few posts showing you how to switch back to the android one.


Thank you, definitely makes sense - but I wonder why a vanilla Samsung rom uses the “wrong” webview. Nevertheless I would have loved to test it, but now it works anyway even if it was the hard way to get it running :slight_smile:

Guess I was thrown off by the fact your initial post said:

Even if it wasn’t rooted, an outdated webview on stock android will (most probably) cause the same issues. In short - it’s not the OS itself which was causing you issues, it was a separate dependency.