HA Companion app on Kindle Fire

Is running HA Companion app supported on Kindle Fire? I’d like to get some stats off it in same way you could with a. iOS device.

yes the app is available in the amazon app store

Noticing for several sensors and it does generate close to 50 I am seeing alot of stuff flagged as unknown. Most of the discovered sensors were disabled by default and I am wondering if that is because of the value as unknown.

The unknown is a known issue next time the sensor updates the state or HA core or the app gets updated it will correct itself

Was about to suggest waiting for at least 15 minutes before running here and posting about it.

Happy to see you were able to be more diplomatic than I ever could.


@ShadowFist I did wait all of 15 mins. I am not going to try and defend my tech knowledge here. I have admitted being a newbie with HA on other posts. I am aware unknown goes away when sensor updates. This did not go away and it seemed odd. As far as me running to post here go troll another post if you cannot offer anything helpful. Your remarks bordered on wanting to be rude.

@dshokouhi My iOS device don’t seem to have that issue when they were first added. No reboots needed. Just inquiring and as further proof this might not be working correctly. Again might, according to HA last patch was from 2020 for a brand new Kindle Fire.