HA Companion - notifications pling through, but opening them is futile!

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for any pointers. Im at it again, expanding my realm of capabilities, beyone my technical means!

I have set up a blueprint using the medication reminder one I downloaded.

Was fairly straight forward and seems to be working from the HA (latest version) side.


  • The iPhone plings in my pocket, and I see the medication reminder on the lock screen
  • I unlock the phone with my finger print (ios15 btw)
  • The HA companion app opens
  • There is no notification or actionable notification and I’m not sure how to get it opened

2nd Scenario

  • The phone is unlocked, im texting my girlfriend (don’t tell the wife - haha)
  • Medication alert pops up.
  • Drag the notification open
  • Hey presto the taken, skip, remond me later actions are present.

3rd Scenario

  • You dont select response quick enough
  • Screen goes blank
  • wake up phone and notification has gone

Any ideas how to re-open the notification or deal with it in HA Companion!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yep. The non persistence of the companion app notifications was the major reason I switched to using Telegram.

It can do everything the Companion app can do, except critical alerts, but It does have a chat history that you can check.

I still use the companion app to send critical alerts (fire/smoke/leaks/intruder) while my phone is in do not disturb mode. But for everything else - Telegram.

Roger that.

Thanks for the heads up.