HA Companion - Switches no longer work on iPad


Not sure when/what changed… this was working as of a month or so ago.
All of my switches (lights etc) ‘look’ like they are turning off when pressed on the iPad display I have wall mounted, however they actually do nothing. These switches work perfectly fine on my android phone, and multiple Windows machines. I can still navigate the Lovelace UI, it’s just these damn switches…

I’ve tried reinstalling the app etc (using v2), but alas no change. Could anyone offer advice or where to start looking?

iPad is an iPad 4 with the latest iOS (9.3.3 - highest it will go.) It has it’s own profile.


First tell us what your lovelace setup is. I understand you’re having issues, but what cards are you using? What button exactly? How is that button setup, which (custom) cards are tied to that switch you are trying to activate.

Also: what happens when you open HA through Safari instead of the app. Do the switches work then on iPad?